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The Other Albert of Spark Plugs by Rich Street,
(approx 1500 words with Lexile score 1180L.)
Schmidt Obituary

Link to Spark Plugs PowerPoint

A PowerPoint introduction to Champion 3X Spark Plugs for the Ford Model A 


Gerties' Gossip Newsletter Article about Rich by Anita Bader



Which 3X 3? Know the difference.


US Patent/Date Chart
Brief History in Boston
Patent Number Web page Printable .pdf Please volunteer to help.
Spark Plug Patent Project
 Prior to opening this Excel Spreadsheet please go to the Patent Office site and read the page on viewing patent images. You will need to download a special viewer program for your browser. Once the viewer is installed, simply click on link in spreadsheet and you will be taken to a patent reference page, on that page click on "image" to view patent.

Champion and AC Spark Plug Logos 

The "Gallopin Gerties" got there name from the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge between Tacoma and Gig Harbor, WA. we have members on both sides of the bridge.

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Me and my 1930 Model A Standard Coupe at MAFCA, Portland, Oregon 2004

MAFCA, Portland, OR, 2004

1930 Ford Model A 45b Standard Coupe