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1930 Ford Model A 45b Standard Coupe

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Spark Plug Collectors of America

1930 Schrader Valve Catalog (2.6 MB .pdf)
3Link to Spark Plugs PowerPointX
Not for reproduction!
Learn More:
The Champion 3

1931 Schrader Valve Catalog (4.6.MB .pdf)
Champion 3X:
Which 3?
US Patent/Date Chart

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Link to Marco Tahtaras' Model 'A' Ford Barnyard: Battery Page
Link to: Marco Tahtaras' Model 'A' Ford Barnyard: Battery Page

"biggest Model 'A' Club in the UK"
Vince Falter's
Model A & B Ford Garage
this site has wonderful photos of original parts and assemblies.
Model Clip Art
great for your newsletters!
Steve Plucker's
Pluck's 3-29's
series of projects and data bases regarding the Ford Model A automobile.
Model "A" Owners of Canada Inc.
over 350 member
Jim Mason's
Canadian A Page
Be sure to see his page on tools too!
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Streaming Big Band Radio

Gallopin Gertie Model A Club

The "Gallopin Gerties" got there name from the famous Tacoma Narrows Bridge between Tacoma and Gig Harbor, WA. we have members on both sides of the bridge.

Model A Ford Club of America

Spark Plug Collectors of America
Society of Automotive Historians

Model A Restorers Club
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Me and my 1930 Model A Standard Coupe at MAFCA, Portland, Oregon 2004

MAFCA, Portland, OR, 2004

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